Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Blog Award!

Yippie!!! Thank you Julie from a "Splash of Color." I now have to tell you all 5 of my here goes (not in any particular order)...

1. Helping and working with others

2. Creating things...stamping, scrapbooking and crocheting

3. Black Coffee until noon and then Diet Pepsi

4. Learning what ever I can about the world

5. Collecting Pineapples. Yes. Pineapples were the Colonial sign of Welcome. I have almost everything imaginable from dish towels, coasters, plates, salt and pepper shakers, glasses, wall hangings to candle holders. I have a German papercut pineapple and courtesy of a good friend, a pineapple shower curtain. I think you get the picture!
Now I pass this wonderful award on!
For now, Happy Crafting!

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