Saturday, January 3, 2009

Busy Day!

I finally did it...I spent the day totally organizing my stash. It all started because I thought I should start an inventory sheet listing my ink pads and pens by color. Well, I had to pull out all of my stamp pads to start the list. Reviewing the color names carefully, I realized I was missing one that I KNEW I owned. I had to pull out the tub that contained the Christmas themed items. Wasn't there. I pulled out another tub. Wasn't there either. And, before I knew it, almost all my worldly crafting items were piled in the center of my Rec Room. (Well, maybe not all of them, just the items that I am currently using.) The good news is, the missing stamp pad turned up along with 7 boxes of glue splits, 5 blending pens, red glitter I had forgotten I had etc.etc.etc. You get the picture, I have goo gobs of craft supplies. This madness must stop! I hit the local Target and bought a paper organizer and the local grocery store and got boxes of zip lock bags. I became a woman possessed. Each set of color coordinated Card Stock went into a 2 gallon bag that was labeled with the contents. Each set of B&T Duo paper went into a zip lock bag that was labeled. All my labeled bags went into labeled drawers in the organizer. Beautiful. I did have one problem, I had to make room for the paper organizer on the shelf. I then found myself pulling out all the little baskets and placing all the tools and small supplies in labeled zip lock bags. All the wonderfully labeled supplies, papers, tools, pens, glue splits, stamps, ribbons, brads and eyelets fit wonderfully back into their baskets and back onto the shelves. I now know what I have! I sat on the sofa in my Rec Room gazing at my craft shelves and it was good. After a few minutes, I got the bug to make a card. And before I knew it, the stamps, ink pads, pens, glue splits, brads and eyelets were off the shelves all over my Rec Room floor again.

Oh well, here is the card I made and yes...everything is back on the shelves! BTW - the card is made with Close To My Heart My Reflections Paper "Paper Garden." The stamp is CTMH My Acrylix "Wonderful Charms." For now, Happy Crafting!

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