Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Thoughts on Photography

Scrapbooking is a wonderful showcase for all of these photographs. But what makes a great scrapbook page? In my opinion, the layout, papers and embellishments should highlight the pictures. The pictures should not be merely added to a great layout. The two components need to work in tandem. First, you need to take the right photographs. You can go anywhere on the web and find “Tips for taking great photos” but what I want to share with you are a few things I have learned over the years about taking great photographs.

1. Don’t be afraid to move in close to your subject. Most cameras today have macro zoom functions. When I take “close-ups” I also like to make sure that I take a normal range photo for reference especially if I am planning to use the pictures for “scrapping.” These two pictures were taken in my front yard garden.

2. If you think there are “obstacles” in the way of your planned shot, use the obstacles to frame your subject. I used the opening in the stone wall of this 15th century fort in Lisbon Portugal to frame the cityscape. The lighthouse is in Bermuda. Take notice of how I used the roof line and the treetops in the foreground to add perspective to an otherwise plain white object.

3. Keep the camera handy and ready to capture the moment. I keep my camera set on “auto” so that I can snap in a second. Here is DH asking a police officer in Lisbon for directions and a seal asking for a fish at SeaWorld in Orlando FL.

4. When shooting pictures of interesting buildings, make sure you take the whole structure, but also, take a shot from an interesting angle that highlights the unique features. This is the Tower of Belem in Lisbon. Built in the 15th Century, it was the last thing the famed explores saw when embarking on their momentous journeys and the first they saw upon their return.

5. If you’re taking pictures of street scenes (these thoughts work for family gatherings too) look for the essence of what is really going on. Let your picture tell a story not just flatly show the buildings or people. These pictures are a street in Lisbon and a city square in Madrid Spain.

6. Experiment! The rules always say don’t shot directly into the sun. The beauty of digital photography is just hit “trash can” if it doesn’t work. And, sometimes, you get a winner! This Church is in Old City San Juan Puerto Rico.

7. Hand the camera over to someone else every once and a while. Make sure you get included in all the fun! This picture was taken in Disney World.

Photography and scrapbooking should be fun. Let your papers and pictures tell the story of your life. In the days to come, I will share some thoughts on how to scrap you great photos! For now, Happy Crafting!


laos348 said...

Great photography tips. The one I really have to work on is getting closer to my subjects. Drives my dh crazy - he says I'm always too far away!

Alfred Gallardo said...

Those are nice photos. I wish I had the hability to take them that nice...

Karen Sullivan said...

Great tips for taking photos. Thank you for sharing these.

Shannon said...

Great tips....TFS!

Becky said...

What gorgeous pictures, what kind of camera do you suggest for beginners ??