Friday, July 20, 2012

CTMH Convention 2012...Swaps, Roomie Gifts and More Thoughts

The Close To My Heart 2012 Convention is now a wonderful memory.  One of the many things you take away from Convention are the new friendships you have made.  A long standing tradition is the giving of roommate gifts and swaps.  A swap is an item that is created to share with fellow consultants and in return you receive one of the projects they have completed.  Right before I left, I posted pictures of my wrapped roomie gifts and swaps with the promise to share them upon my return.  I made Memory Showcase Albums for the 3 gals that were in my room.  I love these accordion albums (A1195.)  They make terrific gifts and are perfect to show off the a special occasion.

For the gals that were in the adjacent room along with my upline and sideline, I made banners for them to hang in the craft space.

Last but not least, I made 75 bookmarks to use as my swaps.  I purchased plastic covers on ebay because I thought the bookmarks would be something that could be used as an inspiration and while marking pages in the great new Fall/Winter Idea Book!
Each of my projects features Pemberley Paper Packet (X7148B.)  Love this paper and the good news is that is continuing in the new Idea Book along with Victory, Stella and Florentine. 

As a reminder, several paper packets will be retiring effect July 31st (or while supply lasts.)  They are as follows...
If you are working on a project using these papers or have one of the sets on your wish list, please don't delay because in just a short time, they won't be available.  Don't forget to visit my website if you want any of these paper packets.

One of the other things I had the opportunity to do while I was in Dallas was to visit the site where President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.  Every generation has a defining moment.  November 22, 1963 was the date for my cohorts.  I was a little tiny thing having just gotten home from kindergarten.  While my memories are like snapshots in time, I will  never forget Walter Cronkite breaking in on "As The World Turns."  I'll never forget the image of my Mom in the Dining Room stopping in her tracks with her hand on the door knob as she was heading out to work.  I will never forget my family in shock and dismay during that fateful weekend.

Seeing Dealey Plaza was a humbling experience.  Many of us have seen the movies and documentaries but to actually stand behind the picket fence, to walk along Elm and Houston Streets and to look out the windows of the School Book Depository was, to me, becoming a part of history.  One of the things that struck me immediately was how small size of  Dealey Plaza.  Perhaps it is akin to the shower scene in the movie Psycho...everyone remembers seeing the blood even though the movie is shot in black and white.  Dealey Plaza looms so large in our memories and hearts that you just assume that it a "big" space.  How could an event that changed the course of history occur on a strip of road that is approximately half a block long? 

Convention is a wonderful experience.  Not only does it give you the opportunity to meet new people, but you also have the chance to visit places that you would perhaps not have had the chance to see in person.  For Now, Happy Crafting!

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