Wednesday, March 13, 2013

CTMH Chantilly and a Handmade Card

Well, all of my projects are done and I am back to posting again!  Whew, I have been busy and actually this will just be a short post as I need to head out and teach a class. 

One of the really pretty new paper packets is called Chantilly.  It features fun spring colors and I think we all can look forward to spring!  I made this card with a twist.  I wanted to play with the terrific Polka Dot Satin Ribbon and needed a way to tie it into the card.  So, I added a Black base. 

The Polka Dot Satin Ribbon comes in Slate and works wonderfully with the Twilight in the pattern paper.  So that the bow didn't overwhelm the card, I made it on a 5 x 7 base.  I also did some scoring and sanding for another fun touch.

Oops, I just looked at the clock and I must head out.  I hope to get back to normal with all of my postings.  For Now, Happy Crafting!


Nancy Keller said...

So cute!!!my ladies just made an order this week for some Chantilly! I'll have to save this link for them! How cute! Maybe it is the "old" in me, I'll never think of "Chantilly" without associating it with my first perfume and the Big Bopper. :)

Cindy Leek said...

"Old" in You??? LOL I keep seeing the pink lace box of perfume that I used to give my Mom when I was a kid. :o)