Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Quilling Treat!

I received a wonderful treat in the mail the other day! ...Yippie!! Monica at Giddy Greetings had a drawing for a quilling tool and the supplies needed for one of her tutorials. The tool is great to work with and I now how leaves to finish off my flowers. I am still working on developing my quilling and hope to have a project posted in a few days using the goodies. Don't forget to check Monica's website. It is a great blog with tutorials, suggestions and examples.

For Now, Happy Crafting!


~*Joni said...

I had a friend who quilled! How wonderful that you are doing it as well, it is such a prety art form. Yay for fun goodies and happy mail! :D Enjoy them~

Alfred Gallardo said...

I'm waiting patiently to ee your quilling mastery... :D

Monica said...

Thanks Cindy, you are too sweet!