Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Welcome Bombay!

A few months ago, we lost are dear cat named Carlita. She had been a member of the family for 16 years....oh the house was so empty. Yesterday, I had everything set out to work on a new card set and I received a phone call. Because of the call, I had to run an errand for supplies needed to satisfy the call. Anyway, the strip mall I went to has an old fashioned Pet Store. Hummm...through the window I spied 4 little kittens. I went to the intended store. As I was passing the window returning to my car this little gal stood on her hind legs and looked out at me. Oh boy....I ran home, collected up DH and flew back to the store. A few minutes later and Bombay became a member of the family.

Needless to say, the card set never got done. :o) For Now, Happy Crafting!


Sheila said...

How sweet! And I know what you mean about an empty house. We had one cat for 18 years. It was so sad when it was finally her time to go.

Enjoy you new little sweetie. :)

Joanne Travis said...

Congratulations on your new family addition! What a cutie :)

Lisa Phillippi said...

Awwweee...she is so cute....I am happy for your new addition! I am also sorry I missed your B-day a few adys ago....so Happy belated birthday!