Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Using Color To Help Convey the Message in Your Projects

As promised, I want to get back to my thoughts on using color to enhance your projects.  Previously we talked about using Reds, Blues and Yellows.  These are the Primary Colors...the three basic colors from which all other colors are derived.  Because of this, a project done using these colors will portray a sense of simplicity and purity.  Think about a Disney Project.  You automatically gravitate to Reds, Blues and Yellows.  Bright and cheery, these colors convey "fun."  Now, think of a  Herritage  project...bright reds, blues and yellows just do not come to mind.  Softer combinations are what you traditionally think.  In a Herritage Layout, you want to create a sense of respect and reverance.  This is achieved by mixing the Primary Colors.

When you mix the Primary Colors, you create what is known as the Secondary Colors.  Think of colors as the numbers on a clock.

I my sample of a "color wheel" blue is at 12:00, yellow is at 4:00 and red is at 8:00.  In your mind, draw a triangle between blue, yellow and red.  You have now connected your Primary Colors.  Because the triangle you have drawn has equal sides, those shades of blue, yellow and red will always work together in your projects.  Now, for the Secondary Colors.  In between blue and yellow, you have green.  That is because, when blue and yellow are mixed together you create green.  The same applies for the orange between the red and yellow and the violet between the red and blue.  Green, Orange and Violet are the Secondary Colors.  In your mind, draw a similiar triangle between green, orange and violet.  The sides of that triangle are equal like the sides of the Primary triangle.  This is a guide for you to use.  Green, orange and violet will always work together in a project because of the equal sides of the Secondary Triangle.

This is a fun note card I created to show how Secondary Colors coordinate on your projects.  Don't you get a totally different feel from the card than a red, blue and yellow card?  The Violet is a CTMH color called Gyspy, the Green is New England Ivy and the Orange is Sunset.  The image is from a stamp set called "Thanksgiving" and is colored with my Copics.

Using colors wisely in your projects is an easy way to enhance the theme and mood of your projects.  Feel free to experiement with color to create your own special mood.  For Now, Happy Crafting!

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