Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day and Poppies

One of my first childhood memories is making sure that around Memorial Day, we made a donation to the VFW to get our remembrance poppy.  Each year, the poppy would be placed in a little vase on the dining room hutch and stay there until the next year when a new one was secured.  I have endeavored to maintain that tradition to this day.

Poppies became the symbol of Memorial Day in the 1920's to commemorate the poppies that grew wild in war torn Flanders Field of WWI Belgium.  Poems have been written and the VFW and American Legion worked to ensure that poppies would remain forever the symbol of sacrifice for those who have given their lives for our Freedom.

Today, the poppy remains a memorial symbol of remembrance.  The little paper poppies you receive after a donation to the VFW are handmade by Disabled Veterans.  The donations are used to provide support for the good works of the American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

The Poppies blooming in my Garden today.

May we forever remember....For Now, Happy Crafting!

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