Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Touching Lives with Close To My Heart

We are so all so very busy that we often miss how what we do affects others.  I have been reminded of this twice in the last couple days and thought that because it was the start of 2013, I would share my stores.  As you know, I'm the floral designer at my local Michaels.  One of my regular customers stopped by my desk yesterday and commented to me..."What a great job you have.  The things that you make are in other peoples homes for them to enjoy....Pieces of your work and you are spread through out our community."  WOW...  I had never thought of it like that.  I paused, smiled and thanked her for insight.  It was true.  All those wreaths and arrangements added to other's Holiday Celebrations.  Then, when I returned home, I had a text message with a picture attached.  The picture was of an embellishment I had made for a Baby Shower gift bag in November.  Dear friends were eagerly anticipating the birth of their first Grandchild and I was lucky enough to be included in Shower.  I placed the gift in a plain white gift bag and decorated the outside with ribbons and this "plaque."
Unbeknown to me, the expectant couple had saved the plaque and it now decorates the Nursery Door!  Again, upon seeing the text, I just smiled and thought "wow."

The encounters of these last few days has really made me realize that through our crafting, we really are able to touch lives.  So ofter we think "Why bother making a card, I'll just go to  the Dollar Store or even easier, just send an email."  But, we may not always realize it, but are efforts get noticed and appreciated. 

The last couple months has seen us feverishly making cards and decorations.  My efforts may have short changed my blog a little, but I am so glad that I did what I did.

I don't know anymore who the recipients of these cards were, but I do know that they brought a smile when opened and that brings me joy.  Working with the floral designs, teaching scrapbooking and card making and all of the work I do with Close To My Heart does affect others.  Close To My Heart makes it so easy.  On this first day of 2013, I resolve to continue to strive to effect others lives in a most positive light.  Why don't you join me in those efforts.  For Now, Happy Crafting!

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lucy collins said...

I hold one of the holly & bird cards You sent it to Michelle and her family, and we love, love, love it. The Holly is a sign or symbol of defense or protection from evil spirits and that's always a plus.
Happy New Year.