Monday, February 11, 2013

A CTMH Scrapbook Layout Using Dakota

A few weeks ago, I posted a some scrapbook layouts that featured the a page of the CTMH Memory Protector Photo Storage Pages.  I call my new style "Scrap Express."  The premise is that you can still scrapbook several pictures quickly, while retaining some stamping and artistry.  If you recall, when working with the Storage Pages, I suggested thinking about your layouts in quadrants.  Then, you only need to plan out a 4 x 6 inch section to stamp or embellish.  Much quicker than a traditional 2 page scrapbook layout.

This Layout of my trip to Portugal is actually meant to be the following pages after the Spain Layout I shared with you.  If you look, you will notice that the Photo Storage Page is on the left.  It is the same protector as the Spain Layout.  I did something really fun with this layout that only added a few more minutes to the completion of the project.  I added a 6 x 12 Flip Flap!

Using the Flip Flap allowed me to add even more photos to the layout and more room for journaling. "Telling Your Story" is one of the hottest trends right now in scrapbooking. And, to tell you the truth, it makes a great deal of sense. Why have all these beautiful pictures if we don't take the time to document about them.

This layout, as the last, has some stamping but it also has allowed to scrapbook all these pictures quickly.  I wanted to share the a couple of the elements.  Throughout the city of Lisbon, the sides of the Medieval Buildings are adored with tile work called Azulejo.  I wanted to replicate one of these tiles.  To do this, I sanded I stamped the ship (from Summer Breeze...retired) with Archival Black.  I then used my water color pencils and a blending pen to color it.  I sponged the image and then cut the image apart in equal squares and coated them with Liquid Glass.  After they were dry, I reassembled and attached them to a piece of Slate card stock to form the grout.  I coated the entire piece a second time with Liquid Glass to give the glazed appearance.   The second picture was completed to allow me to do just a little more embellishment.
I am really liking this style of Scrapbooking... "Scrap Express." I went to Portugal in 2000 and these are the first photos that I had scrapbooked so I guess my idea works. I have posted a "Scrap Express" kit that will help you scrapbook your Christmas Photos quickly. Stop by my website if you would like to purchase the Photo Storage Protectors or Flip Flaps. For Now, Happy Crafting!

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