Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tips and Techniques

I was reading a thread on one of the crafting boards about how "clear" stamps are difficult to work with and won't give a clear image. WRONG! Like anything else, you have to know how to use the tool properly.

Here is the "How To" for Close To My Heart "My Acrylix" clear stamps:

1. Like any other stamp, a clear stamp should be "seasoned." Select the appropriate size block, attach the stamp (they just stick on really easily) and rub the stamp across the stamp pad.

2. Stamp several times on scrap paper...repeat the process if you like.

3. When you are ready to stamp, apply the ink properly...

a. tap tap
b. twist twist
c. tap tap

Because the stamps and blocks are clear, you can double check that you have full ink coverage.

4. Stamp on your project paper. You don't need to press hard...just apply even pressure on the image. Again, this is easy because the stamp and block is clear and you can see what you are doing.

5. Each "My Acrylix" set includes a foam sheet. If you wish, you can place that sheet under the paper when you stamp. This helps you apply even pressure.

I really like the clear stamps. Being clear, you can see exactly where you are placing them!

I also just learned that Close To My Heart is having a 40% off sale on selected products starting Monday January 28th at 10:00am EST. Check out the products on my website! Don't be afraid of clear stamps, they work wonderfully! For now, Happy Crafting!


Lisa Phillippi said...

Thanks for the info, I also LOVE clear stamps. What I do to season a clear stamp when it is brand new, is stamp it in black wateproof ink. It will stain the stamp a little but I find that stamp will work better after it is seasoned this way. Not all clear stamps need this though. I store my clear stamps in a binder on plastic sheets, the only problenm is I dont remember who made them (no name on them)

Gramrussell said...

Glad to have read your steps for great stamping with clear stamps. I have gotten a few now and enjoy using them.

Frogwoman said...

What a good reminder for using clear stamps. I love CTMH stamps.

Alison Anderson said...

Thank you for posting this! I think a lot of people will appreciate this!

Rosie Lilya said...

You are so right! That little twist-twist makes a difference. Thanks for the tutorial

Shannon said...

So right! It does take a little getting used to, but I love the clear stamps that I have because you can see thru them. And the more I use them, the better they stamp.