Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lunar Eclipse

There was an interesting and unique occurrence this morning. For the first time since 1638, there was a Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse. From what I understood, because of the solstice, the appearance of the eclipse was to be unlike an "average" eclipse. An Eclipse results when the Earth lines up directly between the Sun and the Moon. The Sun's light rays are blocked thus casting a shadow on the Moon.

So, at 2:30am, in my pink Christmas pj's, pink faux Ugg boots (shoes must always match your outfit) and long dress coat, I trotted outside with tripod and camera in hand to record the occassion.

It was a beautifully clear night here on the East Coast and despite the cold, I gazed upon the sight for 45 minutes. I have to admit that part of the time I was fighting with my camera and tripod, but none the less enjoying the view. I am not sure what that "streak" in the upper right hand corner of the top photo is...perhaps a falling star?
As I was standing there looking, I couldn't help but ponder how frightening an Eclipse must have been for Ancient Cultures. To see the Moon, a constant in the night sky, turn red without the knowledge of the reason why, must have been petrifying. I am so thankful that "we" know the whys and wherefores of an Eclipse, but are still able to contemplate the mystery of the event.
By the way, I am STILL working on Christmas Cards. I can't post them yet because I don't want the recipients to see them on my blog before they see them in their mailboxes. :o) For Now, Happy Crafting!

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